Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Reaction

Well, Evan decided to try and grab a cup of milk off the counter and pulled it down, it spilled on him. I didnt think any got into his mouth, but a drop or 2 must have after I wiped his mouth out. I called out of work thinking he probably would not react. WRONG, he started being emotionless after 2 hours of the incident. Within 20 minutes of his pale emotionless face he projectile vomited 3 times and just looked like crap. His lips were losing color, he was lethargic and was very uncomfortable. I feel so alone sometimes. The sucky thing is he is only eating Neocate Nutra and water-that is all, he has reacted to everything. Its tough, i dont even know how to go about toothpaste...??? I want to try hempmilk but am afraid. My goal is to try it Monday morning. I figured I should give it time between reactions, he is only 20.6 lbs at 20 months almost...So far he has failed: dairy, oats, soy, carrots, peaches, pears, apples, bananas, Neocate Junior. I am at a loss here ladies, i need help...words of advice? I just dont know anymore...


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about this accidental ingestion. How scary and how frustrating! I have no advice since we're still on our first food trial (pears), but ....I know what you mean about the toothpaste. My G is having a TERRIBLE time teething and it seems there is nothing I can find to give her, outside of a wet cloth or 'teether' that she's not interested in, that doesn't scare the daylights out of me. Grrrr..... Sigh.....

  2. Thanks for just being here though, we need eachother! What things can your daughter eat..or not eat?

  3. I'm just entering this world, and so thankful that I have found information...your little boy's picture looks so much like the scary, vacant, pale look on my baby's face that made me SURE that something other than a stomach virus was happening. All I could do was pray in that ER. We're in the beginning stages of trialing foods and so far have only identified rice as a trigger and have a pediatrician who is listening and helpful so I consider myself lucky. I'm praying fervently that that rice could be our only trigger! But I'm preparing myself for a couple of years of difficulty as we find our way through this. I work with children with many disabilities. I have time and time again over the last 3 weeks (like I said we're just figuring this all out and thankfully have been having a successful trial with sweet potatoes!) tried to just be thankful that I am not finding out that my child will be wheelchair bound for the rest of her life or that I will not have to watch her deteriorate from the monster that muscular dystrophy is. Looking for the silver lining and the encouragement of others who have walked this road. My child is 8 months old and has been exclusively nursed and we were slowly introducing food when our frightening ER visit occured a little over a month ago. We will get through this.