Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, I decided that carrots, breastmilk and neocate nutra were not enough for Evan, so I tried peaches yesterday. He seemed fine ...til today. This morning at 8:30 am I gave him 1 baby spoon of peaches and he failed at 5:30 pm...8 hours later?! yes 8 hours later...I always though, "wow, that must be so hard on people that have to deal with waiting that long, cuz Evan is usually 2-4 hours..." Well I understand now. I am annoyed more than anything but I do have faith that he will be able to thrive more than he is... he is 19 lbs and is almost 17 months old. I have been debating trying the hemp milk, but am unsure about it...I think next will be buckwheat cereal. Anyway his reaction this time was a little different...he nursed like he always does before a reaction then right after , he projectile vomited EVERYWHERE and kept on throwing up...then was a little lethargic, but I waited...and he started playing and would throw up about every 20 minutes to a half hour, but remained in a playful mood after the first hour of the reaction, but it lasted for 4 hours this time which was the longest but most mild... I will update soon on what I decide to do...