Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, I decided that carrots, breastmilk and neocate nutra were not enough for Evan, so I tried peaches yesterday. He seemed fine ...til today. This morning at 8:30 am I gave him 1 baby spoon of peaches and he failed at 5:30 pm...8 hours later?! yes 8 hours later...I always though, "wow, that must be so hard on people that have to deal with waiting that long, cuz Evan is usually 2-4 hours..." Well I understand now. I am annoyed more than anything but I do have faith that he will be able to thrive more than he is... he is 19 lbs and is almost 17 months old. I have been debating trying the hemp milk, but am unsure about it...I think next will be buckwheat cereal. Anyway his reaction this time was a little different...he nursed like he always does before a reaction then right after , he projectile vomited EVERYWHERE and kept on throwing up...then was a little lethargic, but I waited...and he started playing and would throw up about every 20 minutes to a half hour, but remained in a playful mood after the first hour of the reaction, but it lasted for 4 hours this time which was the longest but most mild... I will update soon on what I decide to do...



  1. Really? Peaches??
    I have never heard of peaches causing a reaction.
    You know.. I'm not so sure that's what it was. Especially so long afterwards...
    Maybe try pears next? Those seem pretty safe.
    We have been very lucky with Miles. The doctor said they HARDLY ever get reactions after 12 month to a new food. And so far he's been right. Everything new we have tried has been fine. but we are still playing it pretty safe.
    So sorry you have to deal with this.. :(

  2. my son had a SUPER delayed reaction to green beans. I believe it was close to 20 hours. That was the only thing "new" he had had. He had a "mini" reaction to it (lethargic, but no vomit) the day before, and it must've stayed in his system because the following day he had a full blown reaction complete w/emergency room visit.

    After figuring out the FPIES diagnosis on our own, we severely limited his diet. His first safe foods, aside from breastmilk and neocate, were apples and pears. Now, at 17 months, he can eat apples, pears, peaches, pineapples, prunes/plums, grapes/raisins, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, blackberries, kiwi, watermelon, tomatoes, and potatoes. All of those things have been trialed for seven days before we considered them "safe."

    He has horrible reactions to oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and green beans, and possible reactions to rice and mangoes.

    re what ryley said may HARDLY get reactions after 12 months, but the green bean and mango episodes came at around 14 and 17 months. (mangos was only a bit of spit up two hours following ingestion...his reactions to green beans and sweet potatoes built up over time, though, so we're no longer taking chances if it seems questionable).

  3. that sucks! So sorry for you. I hope that you can find a food that is safe. We, like Ryley, have been having a lot of success lately now that DS is older, it has seemed to get easier. Hope you figure out what to do next! Good luck!

  4. Our daughter is now 15 months and was diagnosed with FPIES at 5 months after her first rice cereal. She has extremely severe reactions requiring 911 calls - she's only had 3 thank goodness, and we keep her diet limited, so her last reaction was at 8 months. My problem now is that her diet is so boring and repetitive that she's losing interest in eating generally. She's fine and healthy - average weight for her age etc, but I'm just so stuck on what to feed her! She can eat all dairy, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, grapes, apples, bananas v strawberries, cucumber, and wheat products, so we're very lucky, but I'd be grateful for any ideas for recipes. We've been told by her specialist to avoid chicken and fish at all costs just incase. She's had beef recently with no reaction. Any ideas are appreciated!! Thank you :)