Saturday, December 19, 2009

A New kind of Normal

Well, Evan is still breastfed, but he is on Neocate Nutra as well, twice a day. I tried Neocate One+, he seemed okay, then after only a couple days, I tried Neocate Jr., which he failed. He had a milder reaction, but only had a tiny amount.. there is nothing worse than going into your childs room and realizing they had a reaction in their sleep. Their was vomit everywhere. Now I am not sure about trying the One + again... I guess we'll see...I also feel so alone as far as resources...I understand why, its just hard trying to figure it out....the Lord is with me. All I can do is pray and let Him guide me. But if there is anyone who has some good seems his list for the "no foods" are: dairy, soy, oats, bananas, apples, pears, Neocate Jr., sweet potatoes....i think thats all of them. I might try carrots soon...I am going to wait thought considering he just had a mild reaction..