Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Fpies reaction!

I just got back from the hospital with Evan...we tried 2 baby spoons of organic oatmeal , a reintroduction because he seemed okay with it months ago, 3 hours later, he spit up.....then wanted to nurse-which is what he did the last time, then threw it all up......Every couple minutes he would throw up. About 30 min in, I called my husband because I needed him to stay with my 2 year old so we could yet again make the 10 minute journey to the hospital....my husband came home and Evan was becoming lethargic so i packed up and headed to the hospital.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES WHEN YOU HAVE A LETTER, they took him in and started an IV within 10 minutes. After 2 boluses, he was totally himself! Thank God!! So now we're back home and I will have to start the reintroduction process again.....this time maybe we will do fruits-other than apples and bananas..... This is my new normal too.