Monday, March 8, 2010

Well, its been awhile since I have blogged and I thought I would share some things. Evan is 15 months old and is still nursing and on Neocate Nutra twice a day and drinks some water out of his sippy cup. He is addicted to nursing....which is nice because I love the bond, BUT I will be happy when he is on other things. I am in the middle of trialing carrots with him and he does ok on the occasional Neocate One+. But I am not consistent with the formula because he wont take a bottle and drinks only from a sippy cup, so he doesn't drink enough. Sometimes I am so frustrated. He is 15 months and is the size of a freakin 9 month old, 18.6 lbs. I feel so stuck and alone sometimes in this and I feel so fortunate that I atleast have this and the support of you ladies. I want to try new things with him but I think he has aversions to food. He gags a lot and is on stage 1. But every day I give him a little more carrots and he seems okay with that.