Thursday, January 7, 2010

Evan's GI appointment

Well, I took Evan today to his GI doctor and he thinks Evan has EE and/or FPIES. His symptoms are all FPIES, I looked into EE and it does not seem likely at all... He is still only on breastmilk and Neocate Nutra. His GI doctor said if he TRULY had FPIES he would not be able to tolerate breastmilk....NOT TRUE AT ALL...I need to just put all my faith in God. I know whatever the case is we will be okay. So next I need to schedule an upper GI and biopsy...I guess we will see how this goes.


  1. I don't know alot about EE, but I have learned quite a bit about FPIES over the past two years (particularily to milk and soy), and my daughter was breastfed for the first year of her life and she definately fits the criteria for FPIES. So I think you are right.

  2. What???? Crazy doctor! Miles is still on 95% breast milk. Little other snacks here and there.
    I even eat TONS of his trigger food and it doesnt effect him in my breastmilk. (He is the most allergic to oats and I eat 2 LG helpings of oatmeal every day)
    Crazy doctor. You keep truckin along.
    Oh.. wanted to tell you to. We started giving Miles Corn Chex (the real brand ONLY) and he loves them. Looks like we passed Corn! :)

  3. thank you guys! i knew i wasnt crazy!!!! <3

  4. Just read some of your posts. My little girl was diagnosed with FPIES late last year. Her only triggering food is rice. However hers is complicated by severe GERD which required surgery. She had her stomach wrapped around her esophagus to keep her from refluxing. We have to be super careful to avoid all rice because any attack of vomiting could cause this wrap to come loose and cause her reflux to come back. Praying for you guys, I know how difficult all of this can be.